Industrial and Institutional Products

SPEARCLEAN HW (Liquid Handwash)

Liquid hand wash which comes in odourless, floral, melon, and strawberry scent variants. It removes tough soil, grease and oil, and dirt. It contains a blend of natural derivatives, moisturizer and anti-bacterial formula and has water conditioning agent that enable it to perform excellently in hard water environment.

SPEARCLEAN LD (Liquid Detergent)

An all-purpose liquid detergent designed to eliminate and remove stubborn dirt and oily surfaces such as floorings, walls, etc.

NEOFOAM DBS (Foaming Agent)

Foam additive for industrial and institutional applications. It is a high foaming surfactant having marked wetting power and has excellent stability in the presence of alkalis and acids.

D-CLEAN WSD (Water Soluble Degreaser)

It is especially formulated to contain powerful wetting agent for deep penetration cleaning, emulsifiers to handle tough oil and grease, and sequestering agent to prevent water hardness depositing as lime and scales. It provides maximum detergency for quick and complete removal of waxes, oils, tough soil. It id not corrosive to any surface including plastics, aluminum and galvanized materials.

SPEARCLEAN GR (Glue and Adhesive Remover)

It is made from combined naturally occurring solvents and highly active surfactants that effectively emulsifies water and oil so that fragrant degreasing agents can penetrate on glue/adhesive coatings and other related particles.


Foul odour eliminator designed to eliminate fumes/gas generated during hydrolysis or cooking.

DIAMOND AUFLOSEN (Fiber Dissolver)

Formulated with one of the most potent fiber dissolving compounds in the world. It can dissolve a wide range of fibers such as papers and fabrics.

SPEARCLEAN OSD (Oil Spill Dispersant)

It uses special surface active agents to disperse oil, grease and fats.


It is a solvent-based, non-alkaline, liquid type paint stripper for removal of lacquers, varnishes, epoxies and ordinary paints.

DIAMOND MD100 (Solder Dissolver)

It is a combination of weak acids and a boosting dissolution chemical formulated to provide an effective metal dissolver particularly Lead and Lead-free solder pieces. It can dissolve solder pieces without leaving any residue.

SPEARSOLV A-STAT (Anti-static Agent)

It is made from selected high-grade water soluble solvents and surfactants designed for treatment of materials or their surfaces in order to reduce or eliminate build-up of static electricity, thus making the surface or the material itself slightly conductive.

ELECTROBRITE CC (Contact Cleaner)

It is made from combined ingredients that has fast-drying formula for general industrial and maintenance use. It is applied in electric components and any surfaces that has dirt, grease and oil.

DIAMOND OXYVATE (Passivating Chemical)

It is a combination of food grade acids formulated to provide an effective passivation process. It provides corrosion resistance and its tested and proven chemical that ensures the food contact surfaces not tent to be reactive with corrosive materials and food acids.

SPEARGEL HS (Gel-type Hand Sanitizer)

Gel-type alcohol based hand sanitizer which controls a wide range of bacteria and viruses. It is exceptionally effective in preventing the spread of seasonal flu, H1N1, colds and other viral and bacterial-based diseases.

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