Our Services

Mspear offers the following services

Bottle Washing Operations

Lubrication Services

Cleaning and De-scaling Services

Industrial Cleaning and Sanitation

Passivation Services

Water and Wastewater Chemical Treatment

Neutralization Service


  • Provide clean-in-place chemical descaling services for Heat Exchangers, Evaporators, Compressor coolers and chillers;
  • Provide service and/or supply of descaling chemicals for CO2 tower’s saddles (ceramic, etc.)
  • Provide service and supply of CIP cleaning and sanitizing chemicals for Food Tools and Equipment;
  • Provide line maintenance and supply of cleaning chemical additive for Bottle washing; and,
  • Provide customized descaling/cleaning chemicals according to client’s specification/fouling concern.

Contributing savings to costumers:

  1. Heat exchanger, machines & CO2 Towers operations through
    1. Reduced energy consumption
    2. Improved efficiency
    3. Reduced cleaning costs
    4. Longer life of equipment.
  2. Food Equipment
    1. Scale/dirt free and sanitized food tools and equipment

MSpear offers the following:

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