Brief Summary

Spearclean LA is one of the first few chemistries/products we developed for beverage companies. We are supplying this to the East Pacific Star Bottlers Cauayan, Isabela and Ligao, Albay Plants for the past seven years and had been providing this product along with bottle washing additive services to various San Miguel Plants located in San Fernando, Pampanga,;Mandaue, Cebu and Sta Rosa, Laguna for the past seven years. The fact that this product has been used for a long time is proof of it’s quality, good service and competitive price.

Spearlube SDL is a table top conveyor lubricant that had been in use at East Pacific Star Bottlers Cauayan, Isabela and Ligao, Albay plants for the past seven years because of their satisfactory table top conveyor lubrication service and competitive price.

Spearclean Alum has been continuously used by GDI Dunkin Donuts for the past ten years to clean and sanitize it’s cooking equipments.

SpearClean LA (Liquid Additive)

This product is a highly concentrated liquid intensifying food grade additive which when combined with caustic soda will result in a crystal clear wash of glass bottles. It has active cleaning agents and high grade chelates which loosens foreign deposits. It dissolves protein deposits and does not decompose even at high temperature.

It can also be used in cleaning barrels of alkaline scales and when combined with alkaline cleaners, can also be used in cleaning kettles, tanks, and even worst pipes on Clean-In-Place (CIP) applications in the food and beverage.

Spearlube SDL (Conveyor Lubricant)

Spearlube SDL is a water soluble semi-dry table-top conveyor lubricant composed of a low foam and high lubricity by-product oil applicable to various conveyors used in the food and beverage industries. It lubricates conveyor chains without attracting dust and dirt. It is biodegradable and does not produce complex by-product and leaves no unpleasant odor and scum deposit. It has also the ability to minimize and loose hard water stains, dirt residues and rust formation on conveyors.

SpearClean Alum (Boil-out Cleaning Compound)

Spearclean ALUM is a special blend of chelates and surface active agents formulated to rapidly penetrate burn-ons and carbonized deposits in cleaning-in-place and open applications. It is ideal in open-type and closed-type cleaning of aluminum and stainless steel condiment and cookers and food processing equipment. It also renders sanitizing action since it can eliminate molds efficiently. It is used as boil-out which make it a cleaner-and-sanitizer in one product.


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