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Diamond B Brite is being used by Leslie Corporation to clean it’s cooking equipments while Spearfoam FC has been used to clean the fillers and conveyors of San Miguel Plants ever since Mspear Corporation provided bottle washing additive services seven years ago.

Spearbrite XLR had been an effective additive to liquid caustic used during limpieza of sugar mills like Central Azucarera Don Pedro ,Inc.

DIAMOND B-BRITE 400LC (Alkaline Cleaner)

An alkaline liquid cleaning compound made for clean-place (CIP) process for cleaning food equipment such as ovens, fryers, grills, cookers, processors, kettles and other related equipment. It is a mixture of sequestering and chelating additives and caustic soda with chelates and other active agents that remove burns-on, carbonized food deposits, fats/oils/greases. It also soften hard water and promotes fast penetration of caustic soda on surfaces thus loosening protein deposits.

D-CLEAN WSD (Alkaline-based Water Soluble Degreaser)

A highly concentrated liquid intensifying water soluble degreasing agent applicable for any type of greased equipment. It has active cleaning agents and high grade chelates which saponify oils and grease even at ambient temperature.

SPEARBRITE XLR (High-grade Alkaline-based Caustic Additive)

This is a highly concentrated liquid intensifying food grade additive which when combined with caustic soda will de-scale or detach stubborn burn-on deposits, sugar-carbon deposits or other silicates accumulated on any type of sugar mill evaporative condensers or calandrias. It has active cleaning agents and high grade chelates which loosens foreign deposits and even pulverize burnt sugar-carbon residues. It also dissolves protein deposits and does not decompose even at high temperature.


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