High Strength Descaler for Phosphate, Water Scales
(Carbonates, Silicates, Oxides)

Water-based liquid cleaner designed for cleaning of ceramic, heat ex-changer equipment such as air compressor elements, steam boilers, chillers, kettles, and any kinds of mineral-fouled units. It does not attack pvcIt is a mixture of food grade weak acids plus wetting agents and emulsifiers. It contains corrosion inhibitor that reduces the risk of metal corrosion at short period of time. It is also effective in the dissolution of phosphates, carbonates and other water-related fouling.

Mild Acid Cleaner and Descaler

A product composed of mild acid, plus corrosion inhibitor applicable to some soft metal alloys mainly aluminum. Its application and purpose is the same with Carbospear XLR but contact time is not limited. It removes limescales or carbonates, rust, and other water and air related fouling.

CO2 Packing Materials Cleaner/Carbon Remover/Oxides or Scale Remover

This is product is a water-based liquid cleaner designed mainly for the cleaning of ceramic saddles/carbon scrubber packing materials as well as heat exchangers. It is a combination of food grade acids plus wetting agents and emulsifyers and can easily clean and remove soot and carbon from ceramics resulting to a good as new ceramic surface. It also used as an etchant to glass.

Surfactant-based Alkaline Cleaner

Spearclean AC is a surfactant-based liquid cleaner designed to eliminate air-borne greases/oils, grimes, soots and dust or soil particles that is caught in between the aluminum fins of air conditioning units or any type of cooling/heating equipment (heat exchanger units). It is a mixture of surface active agents, cleaners plus alkaline wetting agents and emulsifyer.

High-grade Biodegradable Acid Cleaner and De-scaler

Diamond 1305 is an enhanced food grade cleaner and de-scaler acid product designed to eliminate stubborn water scale, dirt and rust deposits from all kinds of opened and closed-type equipment. It is safe to use and does not corrode, crack or oxidize stainless steel and other metals such as cast iron, mild steel, copper and brass.


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