Water and Wastewater Chemical Treatment Products

Mspear has also managed to develop its chemistries dealing with water pH neutralization and water chemical treatment for the past years.

Anti-scalant, Corrosion Inhibitor, Neutralizing Agent

It is formulated with the most widely used and produced chemical in the world designed for anti-scaling and neutralization system. It chelates water hardness, neutralizes and reacts with a base to form water and salt. It is a heavy metal sequestrant and has the ability to dissolve rust from steel and prevent accumulation of scale.

BOD/COD Reducer, Peroxide-based Sanitizer/Deodorizer

It is a powerful and versatile oxidizing agent and environmentally friendly. Its effectiveness covers easy-to-oxidize pollutants such as iron and sulfides to difficult-to-oxidize pollutants such as solvents, greases and pesticides.

Chlorine-based Sanitizer

It is a widely accepted biocide because of its powerful disinfection and oxidation properties which can kill a wide range of microorganism such as bacteria, viruses, algae, etc. It can be used as a bleach for household, textile and paper industries, as sanitizer for food, beverage and dairy processing industries.

Granular chlorine-based Sanitizer / Bleaching Agent

It is widely used for water treatment as bleaching agent / disinfectant and considered to relatively stable and has greater available chlorine than liquid-based one.

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